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Groovy Babies Body Care


Our line of baby body care provides mommies and daddies peace of mind knowing they are nourishing their children with chemical and toxin free products!

~Our natural Baby Lotion will keep your babies skin baby soft! No matter how dry of a climate you live in, apply this cream each day after bath time for long lasting moisture.

Made with organic: Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Essential Oils and Vitamin E

Standard Size: 8oz

~Help baby feel dry and comfy with our natural baby powder. This powder is great for everyday use and is super gentle on baby's' delicate skin!

Standard Size 8 oz.

Contains Organic: Arrowroot, Chamomile Flowers, and Essential Oil

~Made with the finest ingredients our diaper cream is sure to keep your naturally loved baby in constant comfort!

Standard Size 4 oz.